Tax Obligations: UK Rules for Non-Resident Landlords

Understanding Your Tax Obligations as a Non-Resident Landlord in the UK Tax Obligations Overview As a non-resident landlord, it’s crucial to grasp your tax obligations when renting out property in the UK. The UK tax year runs from April 6th

Rental Property Business in the UK: Taxation

Assessing Income for Your Rental Property Business Evaluating rental income is the central focus of engaging in a rental property business for taxation purposes in the United Kingdom. If rental properties constitute your primary source of income or if you

Tax Scheme Alert: Landlords Beware of Misleading Advice

Inadequate Tax Advice A tax scheme uncovered in an investigation by Dan Neidle of Tax Policy Associates reveals a notorious ‘Accountants and Tax Advisors’ firm that has misled clients. This scheme involves transferring existing properties to a Limited Company, promising

Understanding the Register of Overseas Entities for Landlords

In many countries, the Register of Overseas Entities (ROE) stands as a pivotal measure geared towards enhancing transparency in property ownership. Its primary aim is to combat a range of financial malpractices, including money laundering, tax evasion, and illicit financial