Limited Company for Landlords: A Simplified Guide

Limited Company for Landlords: A Simplified Guide

As your property business expands and you opt to establish a Limited Company for landlords, it’s crucial to adapt your tax management strategies. We’re here to support you throughout this transition and as you continue to own multiple rental properties.

With the proper strategy in place, a family with only one child can potentially generate up to £14,000 in tax-free annual income. Our expertise as property tax advisors can assist you in leveraging the tax-free dividend allowance for each child in addition to your child’s individual tax allowance.

Opting for the assistance of a property tax accountant means you’ll have a dedicated professional to guide you through your property ownership endeavors. We are confident in our ability to provide highly competitive advisory services at a reasonable cost. We recommend comparing our offerings to those of others before making a final decision. If you’ve already consulted with another provider, reach out to us to explore the advantages we can provide.

As a limited company engaged in property-related activities, you have added legal obligations, including the requirement to submit annual tax returns to HMRC and file financial accounts with Companies House. We can readily handle these tasks on your behalf without any issues.

Our extensive experience in handling corporation tax returns, particularly for limited company landlords, equips us with the knowledge to navigate the intricacies and seize valuable opportunities. When you choose to work with us, you can rest assured that HMRC inquiries will be expertly managed, as we are well-versed in communicating in the taxman’s language on your behalf.

Running a limited company for landlords should yield a gratifying outcome for your property business

We simplify things for property owners with limited companies. Here’s how we achieve that…

For landlords operating as a limited company, the corporate tax rate stands at 19% for profits up to £50,000. Effective from April 1, 2023, the initial £50,000 of earnings will be subject to a 19% tax rate, the subsequent £200,000 at 26.5%, and any income beyond that at 25% (provided you maintain control of a single company). In comparison, personal tax rates commence at 20%, then 40%, and finally, 45%. By retaining profits within the limited company rather than withdrawing them, Limited company for landlords offers increased flexibility. These retained profits can be utilized to repay loans or be invested in additional properties after settling the corporation tax.

In the realm of inheritance tax planning, opting for a limited company is advantageous for landlords. This choice provides a broader range of options, allowing you to establish a Family Investment Company (FIC) to safeguard your property wealth for the benefit of your children and grandchildren. This strategic approach also grants you complete control over your income.

The ability to deduct mortgage interest in full from taxes is prompting more high-income taxpayers to opt for limited companies for their mortgage arrangements.

Charges for limited companies

If you’re a property owner managing your real estate business through a limited company, our fees will fluctuate based on the size of your property portfolio and the intricacy of your financial circumstances. Rest assured, we are consistently dedicated to delivering exceptional value, precision, and effectiveness.


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Expanding Your Rental Property Portfolio

If you’ve transitioned from managing one apartment or house to multiple rental properties, our team of experts can provide invaluable advice on how to incorporate these changes for potential tax benefits. Don’t make tax decisions without being well-informed; consult with one of our specialists today.

When Property Becomes Your Primary Business

If property investments have evolved from being just one part of your business to becoming your main focus, it’s essential to work with an accountant specializing in property tax to optimize your financial strategy.

Streamline Your Limited Company's Finances

Allow us to handle your limited company’s accounting, reporting, and tax returns to HMRC. By doing so, we’ll also explore opportunities to reduce your tax liability and enhance your financial efficiency.

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