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There are four significant reasons

We're landlords advocating for landlords.

Consistent, Clear, and Responsive Always.

Uncover tax savings to minimize payments.

Empowering clients to excel as landlords.

Company Core Values


What we provide to property owners

Fixed fee

Our quoted price is all-inclusive.

Review before it’s submitted

You will receive a complete copy of your tax return for your records prior to it being sent to HMRC.

Phone support

Our team thoroughly enjoys engaging with clients, and we firmly believe that no question is too silly to ask. Feel free to reach out to us anytime for advice and guidance, and in most instances, our services are provided at no cost. If your call does result in a charge, we will inform you of the cost upfront, ensuring there are no surprise bills.

We're compliant with the Data Protection Act.

We are officially registered under the Data Protection Act (DPA) and adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in its entirety. Rest assured, your data will never be shared with third parties unless you provide explicit consent or it is mandated by law.

No need to linger

We prioritize responsiveness and make every effort to promptly respond to phone calls and emails, aiming to reply on the same day or the next working day for after-hours messages.

Professionally skilled, insured, and regulated.

As professionals, we are fully insured and adhere to regulatory standards. This ensures that you can have peace of mind knowing that we possess the requisite knowledge and expertise to manage your financial matters.

Registered tax agent with HMRC

We hold official recognition from HMRC as a registered tax agent, granting us certification to submit tax returns and obtain information on behalf of our clients.

AML compliant

We adhere to UK anti-money-laundering regulations in accordance with the highest industry standards.

How we've assisted property owners like you

We've simplified tax matters for various property owners, ranging from individuals who obtained a rental flat when they moved in with a partner to those who developed a penchant for property and currently possess two, three, four, or more houses available for rent. Discover firsthand accounts of how Really Wicked Accountants has assisted them in handling their tax obligations, alleviated the stress of tax filings, and equipped them with the insights required to relish property ownership.

Company Core Values


Professional insurance

Our expert tax guidance for landlords is safeguarded by Axa Insurance, providing an extra layer of security for our clients and offering you another compelling incentive to opt for the services of the Really Wicked Accountant.

Professional Indemnity: £500,000 

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We consider every question to be valuable, and engaging with landlords, individuals who are actively shaping their own future, is the most rewarding aspect of our work.