At Really Wicked Accountant, we specialise in optimising financial management for rental property owners. We’re thrilled to offer FreeAgent, our top choice for accounting software, which can be absolutely free with the right bank account!

Effortless Property Management Bookkeeping

FreeAgent streamlines bookkeeping specifically tailored for rental property owners. Forget the hassle of traditional accounting methods; our certified accountants will manage all your financial records. With FreeAgent’s dynamic capabilities, we deliver excellent tax planning and customized financial advice, allowing you to focus on managing your properties.

Cloud-Based Convenience

No need for cumbersome downloads or updates—FreeAgent is fully web-based. Access your financial records anytime, from any internet-connected device, enjoying the peace of mind that comes with bank-level encryption and secure data storage in a converted nuclear bunker.

Comprehensive Financial Handling

We take away the worry of maintaining records and dealing with the taxman. Our team ensures all financial aspects are managed efficiently—from tenant invoicing and rent collection to meticulous expense tracking. With us handling your finances, you can rest easy knowing every detail is accurately recorded and reported, complying seamlessly with tax regulations.

Stay Connected On the Go

With FreeAgent’s mobile app, you’re always just a tap away from your financial data.

Manage your properties from anywhere, giving you the freedom to operate on the move.

Real-Time Financial Oversight

FreeAgent provides a real-time dashboard view of your finances. Track rental income, monitor expenses, and manage cash flow with precision, enabling informed decisions based on current financial data.

Scale With Ease

As your property portfolio expands, FreeAgent adapts, supporting unlimited transactions and user access. This scalability enables our accountants to delve deeper into your financials, offering tailored, actionable advice that meets your specific needs.

Explore FreeAgent for Free

Discover how FreeAgent, available for free with the right bank account, paired with Really Wicked Accountant’s expertise, can transform your financial management as a rental property owner. Contact us today for a free demonstration and embark on a path to more efficient and worry-free financial management.