Guides For Limited Companies

Limited Company Property Ownership: Pros and Cons

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Owning Property in a Limited Company vs. Personal Name Making the choice between owning property in your personal name or through a limited company is a multifaceted decision that lacks a universal solution. The

Corporation Tax System Changes for Non-Resident Landlords

Introduction to the New Corporation Tax System for Non-Resident Landlord Companies The United Kingdom implemented significant changes in its corporation tax system starting from April 6, 2020, which specifically impacted non-resident landlord companies. These changes necessitate a shift in how

Tax Implications of Property Ownership and Considerations

Exploring Tax Implications in Property Ownership When it comes to property ownership, various methods entail distinct tax considerations. Property can be held individually, via a limited company, or in trusts. We’ll discuss tax implications for individual and limited company ownership,