Additional guides on property taxes

Stamp Duty Surcharge: Rules and Implications

Understanding the 3% Stamp Duty Surcharge in England and Northern Ireland Stamp Duty Surcharge Overview: In England and Northern Ireland, the 3% stamp duty surcharge is an additional tax imposed on top of the existing rates. This surcharge is applicable to

Inheritance Tax: Navigating Complex Regulations

Introduction to Inheritance Tax Inheritance tax is a levy imposed on the assets left behind by a deceased individual, encompassing properties, money, and possessions. The government has kept the prevailing inheritance tax threshold, known as the nil rate band, at

Reclaiming VAT: Unlocking Tax Savings Secrets

Uncovering VAT Savings: Reclaiming Tax Benefits for Converting Commercial Spaces into Residences Reclaiming VAT Back in 2001, the inception of a revolutionary initiative known as the Urban Regeneration Scheme, later expanded in 2002, introduced a groundbreaking opportunity that, while often